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Maple Pork Chops – traditional Quebecois recipe

Cotellettes de Porc a L‘ Erable
(Maple Pork Chops – traditional Quebecois recipe)
From: John Lopez, Georgetown, Massachuestts
– 4 pork chops
– 2 tablespoons butter 30mL
– ½ teaspoon salt 2mL
– ¼ teaspoon pepper 1mL
– 2 tablespoons all purpose flour 30mL
– ¼ cup maple sugar or *substitute brown sugar 65mL
– 2/3 cup apple juice 175mL

Sauté chops in butter until brown color on both sides.
Season with salt and pepper
Mix together flour and maple sugar. Sprinkle on chops and add apple juice.
Cover and cook for 40 minutes at 175C (350F). Toward the end of cooking, remove fat that accumulates in the casserole.

* Although a substitute for maple sugar is provided the flavor of the dish won’t be the same with brown sugar.

Serves four.