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Release date: August 18, 2005

There is a cassette tape I often listen to of uncle Buddy and John Morris Rankin at the firehall in Mabou in 1986.
It’s not of studio quality as it was recorded on an old cassette machine, but it is magic. I often play along with it.

It occurred to me one day that Buddy and I should record some of those tunes together in a studio, as we had never done so before. The music would be a keepsake for our family and we could have the option of using a track or two on one of our own future solo recordings.

After playing some of these great “Buddy tunes” together, we both felt quite good about the music and reached the conclusion that this recording should become its own CD – a permanent imprint of a family tradition passed down from uncle to niece. This tradition also includes my aunt (Buddy’s sister), Betty Lou Beaton on piano.

I have predominantly listened to Buddy’s fiddling throughout my life –on home recordings, at square dances and live at family gatherings and parties. He has influenced my fiddling immensely. This recording is a tribute to his music, our family traditions and to Cape Breton Island.

~ Natalie MacMaster


01. The King George Medley
King George the Fourth
The Old King’s Reel
The King’s Reel
Miss Lyle Reel
The Bridge of Bamore

02. The Little Pickle
Pet of the Pipers
The Little Pickle
The Rosewood Jig
The Road To Skye
Scotty’s Fitzgerald’s (Sandy MacIntyre)

03. Scourdiness
MacKenzie Hay
Scourdiness (Charles F. Sherritt)
Miss Baigrie

04. The Red Shoes
Welcome to the Trossachs (Wilfred Gillis)
Miller O Drone
Miss Lyle Strathspey
The Devil in the Kitchen
The Margaree Reel
The Yetts of Muckart
Mrs. Margaret MacDonald’s Delight
The Red Shoes (Dan R. MacDonald)
Bonnie Nellie

05. The Dougall Creature
Mom’s Jig
The Soldier’s Cloak
Come Haste to the Wedding
The Inverness Jig (J. D. Kennedy)
The Man on the Moon
Tipperty Jean
Miss Campbell’s
The Dougall Creature

06. Primrose Lasses
Niel Gow’s Lamentation for James Moray of Abercairny
Miss Ann Moir’s Birthday
The Duke of Gordon’s Birthday
The Primrose Lasses
The Bear in the Buckwheat

07. Iona House (Buddy Solo)
Iona House (Wilfred Gillis)
Daft Willie Dawson
Willie Fraser’s (Donald Angus Beaton)
Lady Mary Stopford
The Lasses of Stewarton

08. The Stage
The Stage Hornpipe
The Tarra Broach
Laybourn’s Hornpipe
Blind Nora O’Neill
The Bonny Lass of Fisherrow

09. The Leg Of The Duck
Jessie Ann’s Favorite (Gordon MacQuarrie)
The Rose Burn (Dan R. MacDonald)
Bain’s Jig
Mrs. A. MacGlashan
The Leg of the Duck

10. The Warlock
The Warlock
Bog an Lochan
Flora MacDonald
The Nine Point Coggie
Malcolm Finlay
Johnny Sullivan’s

11. The Bonnie Lass of Headlake
The Bonnie Lass of Head Lake (Gordon MacQuarrie)

12. Wilfred’s Fiddle
Wilfred’s Fiddle Jig (Dan R. MacDonald)
The Clay Pipe
Sandy McGaff
The Unfortunate Rake
The New Fiddle (Dan R. MacDonald)

13. The Ten Pound Fiddle (Natalie Solo)
The Bald Headed Bachelor
The Sunshine Hornpipe
The Ten Pound Fiddle
Mrs. Smyth of Methven’s


Buddy MacMaster (Fiddle)
Natalie MacMaster (Fiddle)
Betty Lou Beaton (Piano)
Dave MacIsaac (Guitar)


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