A Celtic Family Christmas

Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy: A Celtic Family Christmas


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Here we are celebrating another Christmas and isn’t each one so unique; from the magic and excitement of childhood, and the roaming and wonderment of the teens, to the arrival of adult hood and its independence and opportunity, to the married years of shared adventure and joy, and now on to parenthood and a new understanding of ourselves and the sweetness of children.

I always remind myself every year that Christmas doesn’t need to be what it once was, because as humans,

we are ever growing and evolving and so too will our experiences. But music has always been and always should be an important part of the season. For Donnell and I, Christmas has always given us beautiful moments and memories. And now as parents, we hope to help create the same for our children in our own way.

This record is a first for us.

I have never recorded a Christmas record before and Donnell was 14 the last time he recorded

Christmas with The Leahy Family! So for years it has been a hope, but now it is a reality.

We have even included a little moment from our children here to complete the family Christmas tradition!

We hope you enjoy our brand of holiday music. We absolutely had a glorious time creating it with our favoured musicians who did a delightful job. And as for this time of year, my hope for our family and yours is that we all get a moment to stay still long enough to feel the love, peace and joy that Christmas can bring.

May we recognize and cherish the treasures we have in this world and may we share our own abundant gifts.

And for us, that is the music you are about to hear.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Love Natalie and Donnell


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